Hello welcome to my portfolio :)
here ill update and announce new art and stuff and its easy to go to my social stuff
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message of the day

  • im working on a new animation its going to take sometime to finish and when i finish it im going to post it on newgrounds

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  • I really want to work on a show but i can but when i gain more audiences i rethink it and work on a show straight away.

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  • welp today im going to work on making something good for this site. and its going to be really cool you could say.

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  • So I'm constantly updating my site for no reason and I think no one even click on the link lol. But for some reason I like updating this site but I'm not going to throw money in this site until I get like some sort of traction.

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  • I uploaded a new drawing for a account that teaches skateboarding and i love what they are doing. I hope for the best for the people that are trying to skate

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  • week-1 gallery update

  • now i can post my art stuff and you can see it what do you think

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